Planning and Accounting Division

Head of the Division


Foundation Date
May 21, 2003

Planning and Accounting Division is a subdivision of the Academy of Public Administration, which organizes and provides the accounting works, the control on preserving the material goods and the correct administration of finances of the Academy.

  • The objects of accounting are: movable and immovable assets reflected in natural and monetary expression; assets of an economic potential, money, patrimonial rights and obligations, expenses, incomes and the obtained results, as well as circulation and the occurred changes as a result of performing patrimonial operations;
  • Perform preventive control on the compilation of accurate and timely documents, as well as, on the legality of the performed operations;
  • Provide correct and rational organization of accounting;
  • Normative acts that regulate how bookkeeping and financial reports are compiled by public institutions must be coordinated with the Ministry of Finance division, which oversees accounting and financial reports methodology and their printing in the required manner;
  • Provide authentic and timely records of the Academy's expenses, run the estimates of costs, supply and distribute material goods;
  • Draw the set accounting forms and ensure the timely submission deadlines to the hierarchically superior bodies;
In performing its activity, the Division is subordinated to the Rector of the Academy, it is guided by the legislation and the normative acts in force in the Republic of Moldova, Accounting Law no. 113-XVI of 27.04.2007, the Instruction No. 85 "On Accounting in Public Institutions" of 09.10.1996, Regulations on Accounting Reports of Public Institutions No. 7 of 18.1.1999, the Fiscal Code, the Statute of the Academy, the Rules of Procedure, and the Division Regulations.

Elena Andronovici, head of the Division
Viorica Stici, deputy head of the Division
Popa Aurica, economist ccordinator
Grițco Mariana, accountant ccordinator
Eugenia Vîrlan, cashier

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