Science and Doctorate Division

The research activity of the Academy of Public Administration is coordinated by the Science and Doctorate Division.

Organizational and functional activities of the Direction are conducted in accordance with the priority objectives of the Academy regarding scientific investigations in the manner and conditions determined by the legislation and normative acts in force in the Republic of Moldova, the Statute of the Academy and the Regulations of the Division, the instructions and decisions of the Senate, Rector and Academy's management.

In order to achieve its mission, the Direction performs the following basic functions:

  • Collaboration with similar institutions abroad in the field of training and professional development of staff for ensuring conditions for the implementation of international experience regarding the management of political and social phenomena.
  • Developing and maintaining strategic areas of collaboration of the Academy with the higher education institutions in Moldova and abroad in order to improve the training process by researching and applying the experience of other countries.
  • Establishing and developing contacts with international organizations, programs, networks and funds as well as with civil society.
  • The initiation, implementation and monitoring of international projects of the institution.
  • Serving as a central point of information, accessible to all employees, teachers, master's, PhD students and trainees of the Academy.
  • The management of scientific activity and doctorate.


Head of the Division

Dulschi Silvia, PhD of History, associate professor

Contact phone: +373 22 28 40 84, of. 306



Contact phone: +373 22 72 11 88, of. 303


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