Political Sciences and International Relations Chair

Popovici Angela


Head of the Chair, PhD in Historical Sciences, associate professor

Phone 0-22-28-48-38


The Political Sciences and International Relations Chair has the purpose of organizing and carrying out at high level the instructive, methodological, scientific and consultative activities in the field of political sciences and international relations. The Chair pursues the purpose of forming a new paradigm to master's students in accordance with the reforming, democratic processes, occurring in Moldovan society, oriented towards European integration, and to provide optimal conditions for learners who assimilate socio-humanistic knowledge required to perform successfully the activity in government structures, diplomatic missions, regional and international bodies.

The organizational and functional activities of the Chair are conducted in accordance with the priorities of the Mater Higher Education Department in the mode and conditions established by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the Statute of the Academy and the Chairs' Regulations, respective instructions and decisions of the Senate, of the Rector and the Director of the Master Higher Education Department.

Short history

The Political Sciences and International Relations Chair was established in October 2011 as a separate structural subdivision, following the merge of the Sociopolitical Science Chair and International Relations Chair.

Organizational objectives:

  • planning, organizing and conducting the educational process;
  • ongoing updating of discipline syllabi;
  • ensuring educational quality by combining classical and modern teaching methods;
  • evaluation of didactic-methodical activities and formulation of new visions on the organization of the educational process;
  • training and development of scientific-teaching staff;
  • organizing scientific research on specific areas in accordance with the vital needs of the country;
  • participation in the activities of national and international scientific conferences;
  • involvement in international programs and projects;
  • preparation and publication of methodical-didactic and scientific works;
  • guiding and coordinating the activity of master students;

Instructive-didactic objectives:

  • planning and organizing the implementation of the teaching process;
  • developing basic and specialized lecture courses depending on the needs and the specifics of the students;
  • adjusting the curricula and the courses to the reality in the system of administration and the regulations in force;
  • developing methodological-didactic materials: lecture courses, textbooks, methodological recommendations and prepare them for publication;
  • preparing new applied theoretical courses for the general and specialized disciplines at the request of the students;
  • suggesting topics for scientific research, master thesis and students' individual research;
  • evaluating the methodical and didactic activities;

Educational process and specialties

The educational process in international relations is conducted under the criteria of the Bologna process for the cycle II - Master's studies - general area of study, code 31 Political Science; total number of credits of study -120, obtained title - Master in International Relations, form of organizing education - full time and part time, duration of studies - 2 years and 2.5 years respectively.
The Master program in International Relations includes professional and research Master studies.

The theme of scientific research: current issues of European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

Scientific research directions of the Chair's members are as follows:

Services offered by the Chair

  1. Research master degree studies, specialty "International relations";
  2. Professional master degree studies, specialty "International relations";
  3. Professional development courses for the civil servants from public administration bodies.

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