"Public Administration" journal

The quarterly methodical-scientific journal "Public Administration" is a scientific publication, Category "C", peer-reviewed with Open Access.

ISSN 1813-8489

Edition - 250 copies

Periodicity - quarterly

Original Language - Romanian, open for publications in English, French and Russian

Online version: http://aap.gov.md

Founder - Academy of Public Administration

The quarterly methodical-scientific journal "Public Administration" is a periodical scientific publication of large profile, designed to reflect the history and modern development of public administration in the country and abroad, the current processes of civil society and the problems of the rule of law, economic transformations in a society in transition, international relations and many aspects of European integration, young scientists research results, as well as fundamental and valuable investigations in the field of public administration.

The journal is published quarterly with an edition of 250 copies, benefiting from distribution by subscription and free for central and local government bodies, civil servants from the country and in the academic and library networks in the country.

Journal activity is coordinated by an Editorial Board composed from 13 people, which includes scientists from the Academy and other universities and academic institutions in the country, as well as Romania, Ukraine and Estonia.

It was founded in November 1993 by the Academy of Public Administration and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Moldova on 15 September 2004, no. 172.

Legal address: 100 Ialoveni Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Through the Supreme Council Decision for Science and Technological Development of the Academy of Sciences and the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation no. 146 of 27.06.2013, "Regarding the approval of the evaluation results and classification of specialty scientific journals" the quarterly methodical-scientific journal "Public Administration" is recognized as a scientific publication, category "C", public administration specialty, political science, law and economics. From the founding day of the magazine and until now appeared 87 numbers.

"PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION- Open Access electronic journal

Open Access to the publications in the magazine are supported by international initiatives from Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda. In our country, the state policy in science and innovation is realized under the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic, adopted in 2004, which provides guaranteed access to scientific information.

Academy of Public Administration, founder of the journal "PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION" supports Open Access policy and undertakes to provide access to the publications.

The journal "Public Administration" is declared Open Access scientific journal as an alternative to the publication and promotion of scientific results in academic and administrative field.

Creative Commons License

The copyright of the published articles belong to the authors.

The journal is peer-reviewed. Editorial board selects the reviewers from a database prepared in advance.

The publication of articles written by professors, master and Ph.D. students within the Academy is free.External authors (from Republic of Moldova) pay $ 5 for each standard page (1800 signs without intervals) and those outside the country pay $ 10 - each standard page.

Terms of publishing

Authors will meet the established criteria in the Regulation on the assessment and classification of scientific journals, approved by Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development Decision of ASM, no. 196 from 18.10.2012 and Guide regarding the improvement of doctoral theses and essays, approved by the Commission for Certification of National Council for Accreditation and Attestation of the Republic of Moldova, no. AT03 / 11 from 23.04.2009.

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