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The Academy of Public Administration is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country. High-qualified teaching staff with extensive knowledge in the fields of management, public administration, law, and international relations works here.

The mission of the Academy is to train and develop the professional competences of the civil service personnel, thus contributing to the promotion and implementation of the state policy in the field of public administration in the Republic of Moldova.

Transparent, modern public institution that promotes high-performance professional measures and standards to improve the professional capabilities and skills of civil servants and train qualified staff for public administration - this is the Academy's image. In the course of 25 years of its activity, the institution has undergone a qualitatively new development, being rightly considered an elite training and professional development centre for civil servants of all levels.

For over a quarter of century, the Academy focuses on the quality of the provided service by offering knowledge, skills training and competence development. The actions taken to strengthen the culture of quality are based on a deep sense of responsibility, both individual and collective, and the defining values, appreciated in all times: autonomy, neutrality, impartiality, competitiveness, professionalism, transparency, stakeholder orientation, public accountability.

At present, the Academy of Public Administration is a prestigious institution in which a new vision, creative thinking and modern conception over the contemporary society are formed in hundreds and thousands of Moldovan civil servants.

The structure of the Academy includes 2 departments (Master Higher Education Studies and Professional Development), 4 specialized chairs, 1 General Directorate (logistics), 4 divisions (including Science and Doctorate, International Relations, Planning and Bookkeeping, Personnel Management and Public Relations); 3 sections (Scientific Library, Editorial Activity and the cafeteria).

The major factor in ensuring and maintaining the performances lies with the well trained teaching staff and the experienced specialists of the Academy who promote and transmit knowledge through didactic activities, scientific research, debates, documentation and publication of analytical material, as well as methodical recommendations on public service issues.

The outcome of our work, which we are proud to speak about today, are the graduates of the institution - deputies in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, leaders of different ranks, officials from central and local public authorities, managers of state institutions, specialists from different fields of society.

Since the foundation of the Academy, over 5,000 people have become specialists with higher, postgraduate and master degrees. Year-by-year, the number of civil servants who have completed training and professional development courses increases and currently exceeds 45,000 people.

In order to achieve performance in the provision of quality educational services, new forms and methods of teaching are used to cover the training needs of the beneficiaries of our services, such as integration of information technologies in academic disciplines and professional development programs, promotion and support of the research activity, etc.

The Academy is involved in drafting various documents and perfecting the legal framework for the public service, the status and the deontology of the civil servant. In the process of accomplishing the complex reforms in the public administration, the scientific-teaching and managerial staff of the Academy participates in the drafting of the national laws, conceptions and strategies. In order to optimize the organization and efficiency of the scientific investigations in the given field, four specialized scientific laboratories were created and successfully activate.

Prior importance is attributed to the international cooperation of the Academy, the intensification of collaboration with similar institutions from abroad, joint activities with the diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau. According to the signed agreements, the Academy currently cooperates with 16 foreign institutions, with 32 diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the Republic of Moldova.

Currently, the concept of training within the Academy corresponds to national and international educational standards. The curricula have been revised and adjusted to the training needs of the civil servants, the contents and the forms of organizing the training process have been optimized. The adaptation to the European standards of the training and professional development process as well as the fulfilment of the five major functions (training, education, scientific creation, administrative and legal culture, academic life) will contribute to the Academy of Public Administration becoming the school of conscience, dignity and will of the people, a high school that harnesses the superior forces of intellectual and moral dignity, making the professional man a complete master of his destiny, devoted to the community and the country.

Doctor habilitat, university professor


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