Regulation of the activity of the Institutional Strategic Development Council of the Academy of Public Administration

1. General provitions

1.1. The Institutional Strategic Development Council of the Academy of Public Administration (hereinafter – the Council) is part of the system of governing bodies of the Academy of Public Administration (hereinafter – the Academy).
1.2. The Council operates in accordance with the provisions of the Education Code of the Republic of Moldova, the Statute of the Academy, the University Charter of the Academy, this Regulation and other normative acts.
1.3. This Regulation establishes the way of constitution, competencies and attributions of the Council, the mechanisms for preparing and holding sessions, and other norms of its organization and functioning.

2. Constitution of the Council
2.1. The Council is constituted for a term of 5 years, of 9 members, as follows:
a) 3 members appointed by: the Ministry of Education - a member, the Ministry of Finance - a member, the State Chancellery - a member. The appointed members must not be employees of the respective ministries and the State Chancellery.
b) 2 members from among the full-time lecturers of the Academy, who do not hold leading positions and are not members of the Senate, proposed by the Chairs and selected by secret ballot by the general assembly of the full-time lecturers of the Academy and of the student representatives in the Senate and in the Council of the Higher Education of Master Department;
c) 2 members delegated from the Senate who are external experts and are not full-time employees of the Academy of Public Administration;
d) Rector;
e) Deputy Rector.
2.2. The Council membership includes economists and lawyers.
2.3. The Council Chairman is elected by open vote by its members. The Academy's employees cannot be elected Chairman of the Council.
2.4. The Council elects a Vice President from among the members, who will perform the Chairman's attributions in his/her absence or inability to perform the Chairman's attributions, and a Secretary.
2.5. In case of the withdrawal of one of the Council members for objective reasons, the nomination of a new member is approved in the order established in p. 2.1 of this Regulation.
2.6. The Council members receive a monthly allowance, except for the Academy's Rector and Deputy Rector. The respective allowance is paid from the budget of the Academy for the members nominated by it, but for the members appointed by the founder and competent ministries - from the founder's budget. The allowance, according to the Education Code, is  the average salary in the economy for the members and 2 average salaries for the Council Chairman.

3. Competencies and attributions of the Council
3.1. The Council operates under its own Regulation approved by the Senate and the Activity plan.
3.2. The Council has the following competencies and attributions:
a) coordinates the elaboration of the strategic development plan of the Academy for a period of at least 5 years and submits it to the Senate for approval;
b) monitors and evaluates the efficiency of using financial resources and submits the draft budget of the Academy to the Senate for approval;
c) approves the standard contract of studies and the amount of tuition fees;
d) ensures the institutional management of intellectual property rights;
e) makes decisions, with the favorable opinion of the Senate, on:
- developing and strengthening the Academy's assets, with at least 2/3 of the members' votes;
- initiating and closing curricula, with at least 2/3 of the members' votes;
- the methodology of staff remuneration and stimulation;
- entrepreneurial activities, public-private partnerships, and cooperation with the business community;
- engaging in consortia and merging with other institutions of higher education;
f) organizes and holds elections for the function of Rector of the Academy under the Institutional regulation on organizing and conducting elections.
3.3. The members of the Institutional Strategic Development Council are responsible for the decisions made, in accordance with the Legislation in force.

4. Preparation of the Council session
4.1. The Council meets in session at least once a quarter.
4.2. The Council may meet in session, according to the agenda, whenever necessary, at the initiative of the Chairman or of at least 1/3 of the members.
4.3. The Council operates in accordance with the attributions mentioned, having the right to establish priority issues for consideration.
4.4. Convening the Council shall be given at least 10 days before the session by coordinating the date and time with the the Council Chairman.
4.5. The session is prepared by the Secretary, the rapporteurs and co-rapporteurs of the matters set for consideration at the session.
4.6. The rapporteurs and co-rapporteurs submit materials (report, information) for the Council session to the Secretary 7 days before the session.
4.7. The session materials are multiplied by the Secretary and are distributed to each Council member 5 days before the meeting. The materials may be sent to the Council members electronically.

5. Conducting the Council session

5.1. The Council session is conducted according to the agenda proposed by the Council members depending on the need to examine issues.
5.2. Amending or supplementing the agenda is allowed only at the beginning of the session by the vote of a majority of the Council members attendant.
5.3. The Council session is presided by the Chairman and assisted by the Secretary.
5.4. In the absence of the Chairman, the session is presided by the Deputy.
5.5. The presence of the Council members at the session is mandatory.
5.6. The Council session is deliberative if 2/3 of the Council members are present.
5.7. The issues on the agenda of the Council session cannot be discussed unless they are accompanied by the basic report on the matter discussed.
5.8. While preparing the issues for examination, the Council may request the structural subdivisions of the Academy related to the respective problem the necessary information.
5.9. In order to exercise its attributions, the Council makes decisions.
5.10. The Council decisions of conceptual nature or concerning the financial and asset management of the Academy are submitted for approval to the Senate.
5.11. Decisions are adopted by a simple majority of votes.
5.12. The session debates and Council opinions are recorded in the minutes signed by the Chairman and countersigned by the Secretary.
5.13. The Minutes of the session and the documents examined at the session are filed in a special folder.

6. Final provisions
6.1. This Regulation comes into force from the date of its approval.
6.2. Changes and additions to this Regulation may be made by the Senate decision on a proposal from the Council.

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