The Quality Management Division is a subdivision of the Academy of Public Administration, which is created with the purpose of planning, organizing and coordinating the activities for assuring and maintaining the functionality of the Quality Management System in accordance with the provisions of the quality standards of the services rendered, in order to align the education and continuous professional development offer to the requirements of the labour market and the assertion of the Academy as National Centre for the training of specialists for the public service and methodological assistance to public authorities.

THE MISSION of the division consists in ensuring the functioning of the Quality Management System through the implementation of the quality policy and the promotion of the quality culture within the Academy of Public Administration in the process of training the professional competences of the civil servants capable of transformations relevant to the Moldovan governance act in conformity with quality standards.

a) promoting quality culture on the basis of the quality policy of the APA;
b) implementing institutional quality and performance standards;
c) determining strategies to eliminate non-conformities;
d) monitoring the risks and eliminating the deficiencies of the training and professional development of civil servants.

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