Quality Management

The Academy of Public Administration has assumed the task of training highly qualified specialists for the civil service able to use properly the knowledge, skills and attitudes to the benefit of citizens, in accordance with their needs and expectations, in harmony with their own intellectual and spiritual development. One of the main goals of the Academy is to contribute substantially and effectively to the promotion and maintenance of general human values, the values of a state governed by the rule of law through a qualitative offer of professional training of public service personnel, as well as through training services of high quality, correlated with the standards promoted at European level.

Assuring quality means creating trust among the beneficiaries, meaning that the training service provider must come up with a professional development offer to meet their expectations, to address effective management, and make efficient use of human, material and financial resources. In this sense, quality management in training is the set of policies, instruments, and measures approved at institutional or national level, aimed at ensuring the quality of training by which quality parameters are determined and measured in all areas of activity.

Quality is also required in the training based on the fact that, in the last decades, in the social, political and economic context of the process of globalization and the enlargement of the European Union, there have been profound changes that are manifested through: diversification of training services providers, computerization of the process of training, the mobility of trainers, increasing the competitiveness for a job that offers opportunities for personal development, the continuity of learning, etc.

In this context, the Academy has created and implements the Quality Assurance System for the training processes, according to ISO 29990: 2010. This is the first international standard that specifies the requirements for the providers of training services, professional training and non-formal education, offering a general model for professional practice in terms of the quality and performance to be obtained for the training providers.

The creation of the QMS within the Academy will allow the optimization of all the processes that make up the complex professional development activity of civil servants. The efforts of the Academy are aimed at providing training services, according to international standards, which would lead to the development of the professional competencies of the personnel in public authorities in order to provide qualitative services focused on the needs of the beneficiaries. The implementation of the Quality Management System according to ISO 29990-2010 standard provides us with the assurance that the Academy will continue to hold the position of national leader in the training of highly qualified specialists for the public service and will become a competitive institution on the international market of training services.

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