At the Academy, special attention is paid to research within national and international projects. In the period 2009-2014, 6 research projects were carried out and finalized, out of which 2 were won by competition (institutional) and 4 international inter-university cooperation programs were realized and financed in partnership with prestigious universities and institutions from Poland, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine.

The platform for communication, exchange of experience and the development of joint projects through the creation of the "International Union of Universities of Eastern Europe", in partnership with the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland (, was launched at the APA.

ERASMUS + partnerships have been initiated with Universities from Turkey, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine, where students and teachers will be exchanged.

In 2014, a partnership was launched with the School of Public Administration in Warsaw, Poland, within the Polish Policing 2015 edition ("Polska pomoc rozwojowa 2015") concerning the "Polish Development Cooperation Plan" and the "Multi-Annual Program of Cooperation for Polish Development 2012-2015 ".

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