Production Section

Head of the Section

Pînzari Tatiana, canteen, tel. 022284086

The canteen a is a dependent economic agent, with the Statute of catering unit of the Academy, which based on the use of the property allocated by the Academy, and those accumulated by itself, produces and performs production, provides services and bears responsibility for the results of its economic activity, as well as for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed towards partners through the Academy in various contracts, in accordance with Moldovan legislation, the Statute of the Academy and its Regulations of organization and operation.

The canteen is intended for local preparation and commercialization for consumption of different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In order to achieve its mission the canteen has the following basic functions (offers the following catering services):

  • A linear-front self-service system or priot placement of dishes on the table depending on the contingent to be served;
  • Offers dietary rations to consumers;
  • Produces dishes according to the technical-technological documentation in force and preparation of food and new brand items based on it;
  • Preliminary execution of orders for the service of various ceremonies, including in the form of rent, with the payment of the fee approved by the Senate of the Academy;
  • Additional distribution of products through the buffet;
  • Organization of saling food products.

To accomplish the functions incumbent upon the Section it has the following tasks:

  • Monitor and coordinate the activity of workers for accomplishing the basic objectives of the canteen;
  • Identify priority issues and develop action plans to carry them out;
  • Analyse the canteen's activity;
  • Develop forecasts pertaining to the development of material and technical base of the canteen;
  • Monitor the execution of the decisions of the Academy's Senate, of the Rector's orders and dispositions related to the canteen;
  • Monitor and organize the provision of the canteen with premises, telecommunications, furniture, inventory, office supplies required;
  • Create adequate conditions for feeding employees established by the legislation in force;
  • Monitor, organize and supply with equipment and materials necessary to conduct the efficient activity of the canteen;
  • Monitor and organize the exploitation of the canteen building, maintenance and repair of the systems that supply electricity and heat, of technical and didactic equipment, furniture and inventory;
  • Ensure, maintain and guard the material goods belonging to the Academy;
  • Organize necessary fire and earthquake protection measures of objects by creating working conditions in accordance with the requirements of accident prevention and labor protection;
  • Ensure normal conditions for catering to students, trainees, employees and other beneficiaries of the Academy's canteen.

Rules of organization and operation of the Academy's canteen

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