Policy Statement on Quality

by the Decision of the Quality Council
no. 1/1 of 28.12.2017

The Academy of Public Administration is the main national higher education institution providing training and professional development services in the field of public administration and public management in the Republic of Moldova, through MA and PhD studies, research and innovation and continuous professional development. It has become a national reference centre for the training of public service specialists and for methodological and informational assistance to public authorities.

The Academy of Public Administration has as:

Mission. Training and development of professional skills of civil service personnel, thus contributing to the promotion and implementation of the state policy in the field of public administration in the Republic of Moldova.

Vision. Transparent, modern public institution that promotes high-performance professional measures and standards to improve the professional capabilities and skills of civil servants and to train qualified staff for the public administration.

Values. Autonomy, neutrality, impartiality, competitiveness, professionalism, transparency, stakeholder orientation, public accountability, which support the Academy's actions in enhancing quality culture, and building on a deep sense of responsibility, both personal and collective.

According to these values, quality is the concern and responsibility of each teacher, student, beneficiary and employee of the Academy.
In the context of the above, the Academy aims at:
1. Appropriateness of the education and training offer to the demands of the knowledge-based society and the labour market.
2. Increasing educational effectiveness.
3. Training a body of professional civil servants and increasing their level of performance.
4. Strengthening and modernizing institutional capacities.
5. Continuous improvement of the performance of the teaching staff.
6. Promoting collaboration and partnership relationships with other similar educational institutions.
7. Diversification of the offered training and professional development programs and services.

In line with the mission, vision, proposed values, and set goals, in the desire to be a competitive education provider, the Academy attaches great importance to the quality management process, both educational and administrative and support processes, which allows demonstrating institutional capacity and capability to promote quality education and training. This on-going concern has been addressed in the Quality Management System structured in accordance with the model of the international standard ISO 29990: 2010.

By implementing the Quality Management System, the leadership of the Academy assumes the following commitments:
- Creating and implementing mechanisms for the sustainable development of the Academy;
- Maintaining an adequate organizational framework, capable of delivering policy and quality objectives.
- Ensuring the necessary resources for the implementation and operation of the Quality Management System.
- Maintaining fruitful and interdependent collaboration with stakeholders.
- Promoting quality culture.
- Awareness and involvement of employees in the operation of the Quality Management System.
- Developing employees' knowledge in order to innovate, adapt and achieve the objectives of the Academy.
- Compliance with the legislative and normative acts in force.
- Support for the on-going improvement of the Quality Management System.

The objectives specified in the given Statement are found in the Strategic Development Program and in the Academic Charter of the Academy. Achieving the stated objectives, ensuring the functioning of the professional training processes and the recognition of our values.

Rector of the Academy of Public Administration
doctor habilitat in Law,
university professor


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