Personnel Management and Public Relations Division

Head of the Division - Ludmila Andrievschi,
Master of Public Administration, senior lecturer

Date of foundation – June 28, 1993

Personnel Management and Public Relations Direction (hereinafter - the Direction) is a structural subdivision of the Academy of Public Administration, which organizes the activity of developing and promoting internal politics of the Academy, provides organizational and informational activity of the institution.

The Direction operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Law on the Public Function and the Status of Public Servant, the Statute of the Academy of Public Administration, the Regulations of the  Division. In its practical activity it is guided by the Law on Petitioning, the Law on the Archive Fund of the Republic of Moldova, typical instruction on the organization and conducting secretarial activities in central and local public administration bodies, other specialized normative acts in force.

The Division exercises the functions of informing, documenting, analysis, study and ensuring of the instruction process within the Academy.

The Division does not have legal entity status, but it has attributes that ensure its identity and are determined by its specifics:

  • round stamp with the Division title;
  • rectangular stamps::
    - with the legal address of the institution
    - for incoming mail;
    - for sent mail;
    - for confirming the identity of documents;
    - for advising the draft internal documents.

Directions of activity:

  • Participation in promoting the internal policy in the Academy;
  • Participation in policy development in the field of secretarial activity and public relations;
  • Organizational and informational ensuring of the educational process in the Academy;
  • Methodic-didactic ensuring within the competence and specifics of the Direction's activity of the training and development process of civil servants;
  • Providing methodic and informational assistance to public authorities within the competence;
  • Preparation for submission of the draft orders and dispositions necessary to ensure the basic activity of the Academy;
  • Examination of proposals, requests, complaints and petitions of the Academy's staff;
  • Analyzing, synthesizing and presenting proposals and objections to management for consideration and appropriate decision making;
  • Ensuring conditions, in organizational and practical terms, for Rector's meetings and preparing decisions approved;
  • Control over the execution of the programs, action plans, other documents adopted at national level, as well as of internal one, in subdivisions;
  • Keeping as established by the normative acts in force secretarial activities, ensuring respect for the secret of service;
  • Organization of methodical management of secretarial activities in the subdivisions of the Academy under the norms in force;
  • Treatment and documentation of information;
  • Ensuring external administrative relations of the institution;
  • Performing, based on the laws and other normative acts regarding staff, personnel procedures, develops and improves the documents regarding: human resource planning, recruitment and selection of candidates for the vacant positions / posts, hiring, compensation, professional development, promotion, sanctioning, motivation and staff dismissal;
  • Coordination, jointly with the heads of subdivisions, of drawing up job descriptions and determining based on them the criteria for selecting applicants for vacancies, for activity evaluation and promotion of employees;
  • Identifying, jointly with the heads of subdivisions, staff training needs, planning of education, keeping the data relating to staff training;
  • Consultation of the heads of subdivisions and employees on issues related to the enforcement of labor legislation, personnel procedures, labor relations etc.;
  • Monitoring the working conditions of staff, development, where appropriate, of proposals for their improvement;
  • Participation in the process of resolving personnel-related conflicts;
  • Control of the implementation of management decisions on staff, formulation of proposals to remove the identified shortcomings;
  • Keeping staff records, personal dossiers, completing work licenses, sick leave certificates for temporary work incapacity, issuing and managing ID cards, and at the request of employees, certificates regarding their activity;
  • Preparation and delivery to the archive of materials related to the activity of the Division;
  • Examination and advising of draft laws and other personnel-related normative acts.


Andrievschi Ludmila head of the Division, master, senior lecturer

Scorobogatco Irina – editor, responsible for correspondence

Ciobanu Galina – methodist, responsible for de filing, archiving, master

Dolgaia Iulia – methodist, responsible for public relations, master

Răcilă Valentina – responsible for human resources, master

Borodin Alina – responsible for public relations, master

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