National projects carried out by the Academy of Public Administration

Project Title: „Institutional and Functional Consolidation of the Local Public Administration in the Republic of Moldova in the Context of the Implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU” (fundamental project), 2015-2018.

Basic Components:

  • Organizing 4 roundtables;
  • Study visits;
  • Development and publication of 20 scientific articles;
  • Working out draft recommendations for local public authorities;
  • Organizing 4 international scientific-practical conferences;
  • Elaboration of the Curriculum for the following disciplines: Public Administration, Public Management, Public Services, Public Policies;
  • Elaboration of a monograph;
  • Preparation and publication of 4 articles in the media;
  • Development and submission of 4 project files for financing.

Project Title: „Regional Development Management on Reducing Inter-regional Disparities within the Republic of Moldova in the Concept of the New European Cohesion Policy (applied project), 2015-2018.

Basic Components:

  • Workshop "Values and Standards of the European Union", organized within the Academy of Public Administration;
  • Round table "The Regional Development Management of the EU, organized within the Academy of Public Administration;
  • Publication of research within the project - scientific articles at national and international conferences;
  • Concentrating research results in a monograph;
  • Organization of a scientific conference dedicated to the main results of the research teams participating in the project.

Public Finance Management Project

The project envisages reforming the Moldovan public finance management system in 2006-2010.

The project comprises 4 components:

  1. Budget planning and execution system;
  2. Internal control and audit;
  3. Training capacity in financial management and training;
  4. Project management, monitoring and evaluation.

Component 3 of the PFM Project is implemented by the Academy of Public Administration by strengthening its capacity in the field of public finance management.

Basic Activities:

  • Creation of the Personnel Training Department;
  • Capacity building of the staff involved in in-service training;
  • Development and implementation of training programs aimed at developing relevant and innovative skills;
  • Elaboration and editing of the 18 training modules;
  • Training and certification of 90 trainers;
  • Organization and deployment of a pilot training for each training module (approximately 360 civil servants);
  • Study visits in Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia etc.;
  • Technical assistance provided and installed within the Academy;
  • Developing the Academy web site.

Financing: World Bank and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

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