Master Higher Education Department

Master Higher Education  Department is a division of the Academy whose mission is to exercise the managerial functions of planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating the teaching-learning and scientific processes at Master's degree level (2nd cycle of Higher education).

The activity of the Department is determined by the Academy’s Statute, the Regulations of internal use, the Rector’s orders, the legislation in force, and the normative acts related to graduate and postgraduate training from and for central and local administration bodies.

The goal of the Department is to provide qualitative and effective implementation of the educational process in collaboration with the Chairs and other divisions of the Academy, with the central and local public administration bodies, with similar administrative and educational structures and within collaborative programs of the Academy with university and post-university institutions from Moldova and other countries.

Department duties

• monitor and coordinate the development and improvement of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula;
• participate in planning undergraduate and postgraduate academic instruction in the Academy, evaluate the performance in the training process through concrete actions that optimize the impact of instruction on the students;
• coordinate, monitor and summarize the methodological, didactic and scientific activities;
• organize together with the Chairs the selection and enrollment process of the students;
• monitor and coordinate the planning and distribution of the teaching load of the professorial staff according to curricula, time norms and other normative acts that regulate the teaching process for all forms of education;
• coordinate the observance of teaching process implementation and monitor the rational use of classroom space;
• develop, monitor and coordinate the schedule of classes (lectures, seminars, practical classes, exams);
• assess and generalize the data about the students: enrollment, expulsions, transfers, academic leaves, re-enrollment, review of academic groups, promotion of students from year to year;
• organize and provide the Chairs with forms, methodological documentation (registers, study sheets, individual plans, etc.) necessary for the effective implementation of the teaching process;
• participate together with the Chairs in the elaboration of the professional training strategy of civil servants and of elected officials and carry it out.

The supreme governing body of the Higher Education of Master Department is the Council which is elected for a term of five years. The Department Council includes teachers, students, master and post-graduate students.

The Council of Higher Education of Master Department has the following functions:

• determines the Department strategy development;
• proposes the structure of the Department to the Academy Senate;
• proposes candidates for the position of director of the department;
• examines and submits for Senate approval the curricula for each study program / ​​specialties for undergraduate studies, for Master degree studies, curricula (curricula) for course / module units;
• examines the results of students’ training (exam and internship results, etc.), examines issues concerning student mobility (promotion, re-enrollment, transfers from one form of study to another, simultaneous study of two specialties, etc.);
• proposes for Senate approval the specialties and curricula for Master degree studies, cycle II;
• approves scientific research and professional development plans, the individual plans of post-graduate students, as well as the documents regarding their attestation; announces the scientific advisers;
• assesses the results of Master thesis and proposes them to the Senate for approval;
annually approves and proposes for Senate approval the report of the Director of the Department on the educational, scientific and didactic activities of the Department.


Composition of Master Higher Education Department Council :

Chairman of the Department Council – Dulschii Ion, PhD, univ. assoc. prof.

Secretary – Castrașan Tatiana, methodist, MHED

 Members of the Department Council:

Tofan Tatiana – PhD, univ. assoc. prof., head of Economics and  Management Chair

Goriuc Silvia – PhD, univ. assoc. prof., head of Legal Sciences Chair

Zelenschi Angela – PhD, univ. assoc. prof., head of Administration Science Chair

Rusu Rodica – PhD, univ. assoc. prof., head of Political Science and International Relations Chair

Cebotaru Eugenia – univ. lecturer

Popovici Angela – PhD, univ. assoc. prof.

Bantuş Anatol – PhD, univ. assoc. prof.

Gorea Ana – PhD, univ. assoc. prof.

Savca Tatiana – master, senior univ. lecturer

Buga Natalia, student, cycle II.

Mihalache Eugenia, student, cycle II.


Normative acts

Regulation of activity of Higher Education Department Council, approved at the APA Senate session, minutes no. 9/6 as July 10, 2014

Regulation on the organization of cycle II - higher education of master, within the Academy of Public Administration

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