Logistics General Division

Head of the Division

Tudor Leancă

Year of creation



Logistics General Division is a structural subdivision of the Academy which carries out planning, organizational and coordination managerial functions of the activities that are connected with the provision and realization of the training process of the public administration staff and is directly subordinated to the Rector.


  • Monitoring and coordination of the structural subdivisions to meet the Academy's basic objectives;
  • Identification of priority issues and making action plans to realize them;
  • Preparing analytical and informative advice, coordination and generalization of proposals for domestic policy making.
  • Monitoring of the secretarial activity, management of human resources, elaboration, supervision and fulfillment of the Academy budget, monitoring the debit and credit financial administration, administration of assets;
  • Elaboration of the prognosis dealing with the development of the technical and material basis of the Academy;
  • Supervision of fulfillment of works done to order, necessary for the activity of the structural subdivisions of the Academy
  • Providing control, according to the legislation in force, on observing the limits of allocations approved by the Rector's order to maintain the transport means attributed to the Academy.


In order to fulfill its duties the Division collaborates with other Departments, Divisions, Chairs, as well as, with the public authorities and NGOs.

Team and contacts

Leancă Tudor, head of the Division, tel. (022)284872, of. 207

Caragheorghi Mihail, master, deputy head of the Division, tel. (022)284403, of. 112

Costîșina Vera, administrator of the main building, tel. (022)284403, of. 413

Păscaru Roman, administrator of the hostel, tel. (022)284077, of. 101

Azarov Maria, head of the warehouse, tel. (022)284403, of. 413

Duca Ion, master, engineer coordinator (procurement, labor protection), tel. (022)284403, of. 413

Sturza Alexei, engineer coordinator (information technologies), master, tel. (022)735029, of. 104

Carcea Sergiu, engineer coordinator (information technologies), master, tel. (022)735029, of. 104

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