International projects carried out by the Academy of Public Administration

Project Title: ”Educational for Drone / eDrone” (15.10.2016-14.10.2019).

The purpose of the eDrone project is to define a learning environment to provide opportunities for new skills related to the use of drones in professional activities.

These new competences refer in particular to the use of advanced ICT solutions for the use of drones and droned data, which would contribute to the optimization of the professional skills covered by the partner countries' 2020 socio-economic development strategy and in terms of creating new employment opportunities, especially for young people, as mentioned in the European Commission's Youth on the Move report.

Using drones by professionals will open new opportunities that require practical and theoretical knowledge.

Basic Components:

The main objective of the eDrone project is to provide higher education institutions in the partner countries with the opportunity to create training centers on the use of the drones, as well as the transfer of knowledge to professionals from each partner country.

The project aims to develop an innovative ICT-based infrastructure to use technologies and an updated methodology to enable all partner countries to create a network for exchange of experience and databases.

Funding: European Commission.

Project “Modernization of academic library services in Moldova”, Project number CPEA-2015/10014. Project period: 2016-2019.

Project “Modernization of academic library services in Moldova” funded by the Norwegian Cooperation Programme in Higher Education with Eurasia, developed in partnership between the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, University of Bergen, Norway, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania and 18 university libraries from Moldova.

Project Summary. The main partners, University of Bergen Library and Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova Scientific Library (ASEM) have collaborated in several smaller and larger projects. In this project, the partners are taking the collaboration and knowledge sharing to all the academic libraries in Moldova. The main activity of this project will be capacity building of the librarians, and through them of academic staff and students of the higher education institutions. For this purpose will be organised a series of workshops in Chisinau and three summer schools.

Through the workshops and summer schools, the academic librarian community in Moldova will obtain meeting places, and thus develop internal networks of library staff working with the same issues. The project communication structure, with a blog/web page as a mainstay, will also support the network building. At the same time, dissemination at international conferences, a study trip to Norwegian academic libraries and trainings by international experts will provide an international network for the Moldovan academic librarians.

If the project is successful the librarians working in the academic libraries in Moldova will be better trained for running modern library services. This will influence the quality of higher education and research. The librarians will have better English language skills, and will have strengthened their networks, both within and outside Moldova. The general public will have a better understanding of the importance of libraries.


Project Title: Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries [LNSS] , 2015-2017.

Purpose: Reinforce & modernize libraries & improve the level of competencies and skills of library staff in HEI’s in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus by developing innovative libraries as a support to education and lifelong learning.

Basic Components:

-   Develop a library staff development strategy focused on improving standards & quality of library performance in Armenia, Moldova & Belarus so as to improve the quality of library services & higher education generally, enhancing their relevance for the labor market and society.

-   Enhance the management, governance, innovation capacities & accessibility of libraries in Armenia, Moldova & Belarus through strategic planning and policy development

-   Establish & maintain an Eastern Partnership Library Network Support Services (LNSS) Network for the future dissemination, sustainability & exploitation of project results both nationally & in the Eastern Partnership Region for the sharing of knowledge, experience, training and expertise in the Region.

Funding: European Commission.

Project Title: ”Developing the competences of the institutions responsible for regional development, 2015-2016.

Purpose: Professionalization of the public administration in the Republic of Moldova, increasing the potential in developing its own strategy, as well as the realization of the actions deriving from them.

Basic Components:

-         Study visits to Poland of experts and officials from the Republic of Moldova.

-         Creation of Training Center for Strategic Development within the Academy of Public Administration.

-         Organization of training seminars for 100 civil servants.

Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Project "Integrating the Principles of Good Governance in Studies in the Academy of Public Administration", 01.09.2013– 31.08.2014.

Purpose: to increase the capacity of the public sector in the Republic of Moldova through the institution and to help the country meet its EU accession criteria in order to direct it towards EU standards. This is a start of the project that could be an impetus for continued cooperation in the field of education.

Basic components of the project:

1. Evaluation of the AAP curriculum.

2. Training activities for the APA staff.

Funding: Şcoala de Drept a Universităţii de Tehnologie din Talin (Estonia) şi Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

Project University collaboration network at the Black Sea”, 18.04.2013 – 18.04.2015

Purpose: promoting exchange of educational values and experiences between universities in partner countries through a joint educational program and network.

Componentele de bază ale proiectului:

  1. Making exchanges of best practices (joint workshops) to identify the components of educational programs to be developed in the project.
  2. Developing joint education programs in terms of promoting educational values, etc.; course modules will be available on-line in digital format through an educational portal.
  3. Strengthening regional identity by building a virtual community between universities (both teachers and students).
  4. Visibility of the action.
  5. Vizibilitatea acţiunii.
  6. Managing and coordinating action.

Funding: Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme / EU; Cross Border Cooperation Program / EU.

Project "Strengthening local public administration capacity towards EU standards and best practices" 2010 - 2011

The Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013

Purpose: promoting cooperation between training institutions for civil servants from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine and strengthening training capacities in the field of public services quality of LPA.

Basic components of the project:

  • Training and certification of trainers (TOT) Moldova / Ukraine / Romania;
  • Organizing and conducting 5 training courses for civil servants from LPA from 3 regions of the Republic of Moldova and 2 regions from Ukraine;
  • Organization of 60 short-term seminars for LPA;
  • Study visits / internships;
  • Elaboration and editing of 2 guides;
  • Launching a regional web portal.

Funding: Cross Border Cooperation Program / EU.


Project "National Strategy for Training of Civil Servants in the Local Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova" 05/2005 - 09/2006

Purpose: elaboration of the National Training Strategy for Civil Servants.

Basic components of the project:

  • Training needs analysis;
  • Interviewing;
  • Drawing up the final draft strategy.

The National Training Strategy was developed through joint efforts by 3 local consultants: 1 consultant (Academy of Public Administration), 2 international experts and a Leadership Group (the Academy being also represented here).

Funding: Council of Europe; European Commission.

  • Project of USAID „Local Public Administration Reform" (LPAR)

Component: „Improving the information and communication process at the level of Local Public Administration based on the joint sponsorship of the internal activitiest" 2002 - 2003.

Purpose: consolidating the local public administration in the Republic of Moldova by increasing the autonomy, increasing the efficiency, accountability and transparency of local public authorities in Moldova.

Basic components of the project:

  • Financial decentralization;
  • Improving public services;
  • Civil society organizations;
  • Strategic planning at the local level;
  • Property management;
  • Legislative reform in local public administration;
  • Information network of local public authorities.

Funding: USAID.

  • Project „Support for reforming the local public administration system and strengthening local government in Moldova" 2000 - May 2004

Purpose: strengthening the capacity of the Moldovan reformation process and strengthening the local public administration, assuring the financial management assistance provided to the local authorities by strengthening the institutional capacity of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova.

Basic components of the project:

  • strengthening institutional capacity in the field of local budgeting;
  • financial and general management of communes;
  • editing a brochure on budget and general management;
  • technical assistance provided and installed within the Academy;
  • enhancing regional business, promoting Business Information Centers in Cahul and Tighina;
  • study visit to Sweden.

Funding: Swedish international development agency (SIDA) și SIPU-International.

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