Instructive and didactic activity

The organization and carrying out of the training in the Academy is based on the principles of humanization, accessibility, adaptability, diversity, legal and social responsibility. The concept of instruction foresees a thorough training of a conceptual nature, based primarily on civic consciousness and state mentality, which organically combines the personality’s needs and the needs of the society, develops the capacity to work in teams and communication skills, including the languages of international circulation.

The goal of the training concept is to support the implementation of public administration reforms and the modernization of the public sector.

• to create and to consolidate a body of career civil servants which would be: professional, impartial, honest, stable, politically neutral, and efficient;
• to adapt the qualifications and the skills to the technological and other changes in the public service in order to improve the performance of civil servants;
• to develop organizational capacity building, strategic planning, human resources management;
• to develop efficient execution of tasks;
• to improve the quality of public services for the citizens.

The academic year is divided into two semesters, a semester lasts 15 weeks. The curricula include courses / modules, disciplines for advanced knowledge in the fields of public administration, public policy, management, public services, international relations and law.

During the training process, a fruitful collaboration is maintained with specialists from the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht, with experts from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, and Romania.

Studies are combined with the students’ research activity. Complex research groups are created in the Academy which consist of teachers and master degree students. They aim at the elaboration of Master’s theses, as well as participation with scientific reports in conferences, symposia, round tables.

An important role is played by the internships, which aim at strengthening and practical application of the students’ knowledge and skills, accumulation of experience and development of managerial and organization skills in public administration authorities’ activity.

The training is provided by the teaching staff of the four Chairs, as well as the best practitioners from local and central administration bodies. This creates opportunities for providing gnoseologic continuity for more profound learning of the methodological procedures appropriate for the studied specialty, for raising awareness of the essence of phenomena, their knowledge and their mutual dependence.

Along with the training activity, the teaching staff of the Academy conducts extensive scientific research in the field of public administration. The results of scientific investigations are presented and discussed at national and international conferences.

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