Păscaru Roman, administrator of the hostel of the Academy, tel. 022284077, of. 101

The Hostel is guided in its activity by Government Decision no. 74 of 24.01.2007, the Statute of the Academy of Public Administration (hereinafter - the Academy), the Internal Regulations, Senate decisions, orders and instructions of the Rector and the provisions of its Regulations of organization and operation.

The hostel is a structural subdivision of the Academy which provides conditions for living and education to master and PhD students, trainees of professional development courses, as well as the Academy's staff, especially residing outside Chisinau.

Subject to availability, didactic staff, other categories of employees of the institution, in the absence of a permanent residence in Chisinau, can benefit from a bed (a room) in the hostel.

Master and doctoral students, employees of the Academy with families can benefit from living space within the limit of places available in the hostel.

Master and doctoral students enrolled on the basis of bilateral agreements benefit, upon request, from a bed in the hostel of the institution.

If places with more advanced living conditions are available, people outside the Academy may be accommodated at rental rates set by the Senate of the Academy.

When accommodating tenants, the sanitary rules (at least 6 sq. m. per person) will be complied with.

The living quarters (rooms) in the hostel are provided according to the following norms:

a) a bed with mattress per person;

b) a compartment or a wardrobe per room;

c) a table per room;

d) a chair per person;

e) a nightstand per person;

f) a bookshelf per person.

In order to ensure conditions for living, study and recreation the following auxiliary spaces are provided in the hostel:

a) kitchen;

b) reading room or library;

c) computer room;

d) bathroom (shower) and laundry;

e) room for recreational activities;

f) public phone.


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