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The Academy of Public Administration is carrying out the important task of publishing the teachers' methodological works, the lecture courses, textbooks and monographs related primarily to the field of public administration and other disciplines and specialties. The Division that previously carried out this work was known under several names: External Relations, Scientific and Editorial Activity in 1993, Methodological-Editorial Division from 1994 to August 1998, Printing Division till 2006, Printing Activity Division, starting September 2010 is known as Editorial-Printing Division and then - again as Editorial Activity Division. As of November 1993, the quarterly methodological and scientific journal "Administrarea Publică" (Public Administration) is systematically issued, and from December 1994 also the newspaper "Funcționarul Public" (Civil Servant). The editorial activity of the Academy is coordinated by the Editorial Board and is conducted according to the annual publishing plans.

In the course of almost 22 years of its activity, the Division was headed by Mr. Vasile Cioaric, Mihai Manea, Boris Parii, Vlad Ciobanu. During these years, numerous scientific publications in the field of history and science of public administration, central and local public administration, theory of state and law, economics and public finances, international, social and human relations, and information technologies have been developed and published within the Academy. Many of these publications are pioneers in the field of Moldovan public administration.

The journal "Administrarea Publică" and the newspaper "Funcționarul Public" systematically and knowledgeably reflect issues of the theory and practice of public administration, promote local public administration reforms and regional administrative organizations, the transition to a market economy, the legislation in force, and the work experience of public administration bodies, officials and elected representatives of the Republic. These periodicals cover the entire geographical area of ​​the country, so Institutions of the local and central government, as well as many municipalities, ministries and departments subscribe them. Ministers, deputy ministers, presidents, vice presidents and secretaries of district councils, mayors of villages (communes), cities (municipalities) and local council secretaries, officers of the Government, teachers and employees of the Academy of Public Administration are featured on their pages. The materials are inserted under the rubrics "Public Administration: Theory and Practice", "CPA", "LPA", "Economy and Public Finances", "Civil Society and the Rule of Law", "International Relations", "History of Public Administration", "Foreign Government", "Information Technologies", "Tribune of the Young Researcher", etc..

The journal "Administrarea Publica" inserts scientific articles in Romanian, English and Russian, some materials are signed by authors from Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

The journal "Administrarea Publica" serves as a theoretical and practical support to master and doctoral students of the Academy and of other higher educational institutions, to public servants and elected representatives of central and local government, to all who are interested in the theory and practice of public administration and in promoting reforms in this area. The interest in the journal is proved by the fact that more than 700 people subscribe it annually.

The newspaper "Funcționarul Public" is issued twice a month. It systematically and promptly publishes materials under the headings "Official", "Local Government", "Central Public Administration", "Events", "Academy Modernization - Modernization of Education", "Professional Development Training", etc. It reflects the work of the Presidency, Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Moldova, of the central and local public administration bodies, the way in which the public administration reform is promoted, how the provisions of the Republic of Moldova - EU Association Agreement are implemented. The "Functionarul Public" always focuses on the methods and procedures of postgraduate training, scientific research, the ongoing staff training, the life and work of the Academy in general.

Annual national and international conference proceedings that take place on the Academy's Day, May 21, as well as the proceedings of roundtables and scientific conferences of young researchers.

Through the efforts of this subdivision, with the authors at the Academy, but also from outside, they were first published in major textbooks and monographs in various fields, such as international relations, economics, philosophy, law, political science, history and so on, prevailed, of course, the government. Special efforts were made to set manual editing lessons and courses developed under the TACIS program.

Academy publishing activity is provided by the Editorial Activity Division. This subdivision plans, organizes, prepares and disseminates printed periodicals, science teaching and methodological materials developed by the Academy, provides printing services some government bodies and individuals.

The Editorial Activity Division operates according to the editorial plan, approved by the Senate of the Academy and the current work plans.

The Academy's editorial activity is carried out according to the Law on the Press, the Law on Editorial Activity, the Law on Access to Information, the Statute of the Academy, the Regulations on Planning, Preparation and Publication of scientific works, materials, courses of lectures and other works approved by the Academy. The printed production is bearing the insignia of the Academy and becomes its property.

Updating the WEB page

Since 2007, an important function of the Division is to update the Academy’s WEB page with operative information and photo images of important events within the institution. These events are placed on the official website of the Academy, as a rule, on the day of the event.

* * *

Nowadays, the Editorial Activity Division ensures the coverage of the most important events at the Academy - conferences and scientific forums, visits of high-ranking guests at the institution - ambassadors accredited in the Republic of Moldova, delegations from abroad, but also the study process, the activity of the Senate and the Scientific Council of the Academy, Chairs and Departments, the development of national and international projects with the participation of the APA.


Sergiu VLADÎCA – Head of division
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Ion AXENTI – main specialist
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Ana-Laura PAȘNIC - main specialist
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Marina PASTUH – programming engineer
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