Administrative Science Chair

The Administrative Science Chair was created in 1993 simultaneously with the foundation of the Academy.

Chair head - Angela ZELENSCHI, PhD, associate professor

Tel: 022737114


Training of highly qualified staff, holders of the master's degree, continuous professional development of public service personnel, promotion of state policy in the field of public administration, scientific and methodological assurance of public authorities.


Organizational objectives

  • ensure the execution of the Academy's activity plans;
  • ensure an accurate execution of curricula, syllabi, scientific research programs, etc.;
  • provide the educational process and scientific research with professional staff;
  • elaborate and adopt internal normative acts, control their execution;
  • establish and develop cooperation relations within the Academy, with central and local government bodies;
  • provide the educational process with technical means, materials and literature required;
  • organize the educational work with master's students;
  • provide doctorate studies;
  • organize the internships of full-time master students.

Didactic objectives:

  • develop the curriculum for master's specializations:
      - Public administration;
      - Theory and Practice of Public administration.
  • develop the syllabi of the disciplines taught by the Chair;
  • plan and organize the implementation of the teaching process;
  • adapt or, where appropriate, permanently update courses and didactic programs;
  • develop didactic materials: lectures, textbooks, methodical recommendations, glossaries, etc. and prepare them for publication;
  • advise the writing of master's theses;
  • assess the didactic and methodical activities of the Chair's staff;
  • ensure the doctoral and postdoctoral studies;
  • develop the programs for continuous professional development courses for civil service personnel.

Scientific objectives:

  • conduct scientific research (independently or jointly with other Chairs of the Academy) on the topics included in the research plan of the Academy;
  • participate, at the request of the President, Parliament or the Government, in drafting normative acts, as well as strategies, concepts, programs and other documents;
  • participate in the works of scientific conferences, symposia and other scientific forums;
  • organize and participate in roundtable discussions on issues related to the activity of central and local public administration authorities;
  • evaluate annually the staff's scientific activities.

Didactic staff

At present 23 professors work at the Chair, including:

  • Doctors habilitat, university professors - 2;
  • Doctors habilitat, associate professors -3;
  • Doctors, associate professors - 10;
  • Doctors, senior lecturers - 1;
  • Senior lecturers -6;
  • Lecturers - 1.

Highly qualified specialists with rich experience in public administration, including members of Parliament of Moldova, parliamentary counselors, representatives of central and local public administration authorities work at the Chair. Also, people from other similar educational institutions in the country and abroad, consultants and international experts are involved in the didactic and scientific process.

Educational process

 The Chair ensures the training of master and doctoral students in full-time and part-time programs and continuous professional development of the civil servants.

Master studies are of 2 types:

  1. professional;
  2. research.

A special attention is given to teaching methods and interactive processes, namely individual work with master's students. They perform 2 internships:

  1. in local public administration authorities;
  2. in central public administration authorities.

The staff of the Chair teach 21 disciplines:

  1. Central public administration
  2. Demographics
  3. Local public administration
  4. Management in public administration
  5. Psychology of Management 
  6. Comparative politico-administrative systems 
  7. Public administration history
  8. Public office
  9. Public policies
  10. Public property administration
  11. Public relations and communication in public administration
  12. Deontology of the civil servant 
  13. Public services management
  14. Science of administration
  15. Scientific research methodology
  16. Sociology of organizations
  17. Sustainable development strategies
  18. Techniques for drawing up programs and projects
  19. Techniques for secretarial activity
  20. Theory and practice of public administration
  21. Urban planning land landscaping

The educational process is provided with textbooks, didactic and methodical materials, lecture notes, dictionaries and other didactic materials in a satisfactory number.

The Chair is equipped with computers, printers, copiers, projectors and other technical means necessary for the educational process.

The Chair ensures doctoral studies in 2 specializations:

  1. 563.01 Theory and Methodology of Public Administration;
  2. 563.02 Organization and Management in the Public Administration Institutions; Public Services.

At present,  21 PhD students are enrolled, while 4 professors are preparing their PhD theses for public defense.

Scientific activity

The professors of the Chairs participate in various conferences, seminars, national and international symposia, roundtables, where the most pressing theoretical and practical issues related to the state policy in public administration are addressed.

Currently, within the scientific laboratory "Public administration in the context of European integration" of the Academy, the Chair's staff is involved in investigating the theme "Modernization of public administration in the context of strengthening the rule of law".

In the academic year 2015-2016, the Chair's lecturers published ____ scientific papers.

Upon request, the Chair's staff advises draft laws, Government's, Constitutional Court's, Central Electoral Commission's, and other public authorities and institutions' decisions.


Within the Academy, the Chair collaborates with central and local public administration authorities, civil society structures, international institutions and organizations.

The Chair's professors participate in the projects of SIPU International, USAID, TACIS, UNDP in Moldova, collaborate with Eurasia Foundation, NISPA, Contact Centre, IDIS.

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