Scientific Symposium "Bibliological Year 2017"

On March 28, 2018, Rodica SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN, Director of the APAM Scientific Library, participated in the Scientific Symposium "Bibliological Year 2017", edition XXVII, entitled "Libraries in the Perspective of Sustainable Development: Librarian and Human Dimensions", held at the National Library of the Republic of Moldova.

The works of the "Bibliological Year 2017" Symposium were focused on the topics: promotion and realization of the Sustainable Development Objectives 2030; successes and problems regarding the networking activity; professional communication between libraries and network centers; consolidation of the library statistical system; modern library services: conceptualization, supply , impact and others (identified by the professional community).

Partners in the Symposium were the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the National Bibliographic Council, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Moldova, the United Nations in Moldova, the "Novateca" National Program, the Information Society Development Institute (IDSI) . Thanks to IDSI, the works of the meeting were submitted online.

In the poster and AV session, presented by 22 libraries, entitled "Library Year 2017: Achievements, Challenges, Impact", "Modern Library Services", "Libraries and the Promotion / Achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives 2030" aimed at better knowledge, appreciation and evaluation of the creative implications of libraries, an effective exchange of experience, and the creation of a beneficial environment for professional communication.

The APAM Scientific Library was present at the poster session and AV material with promotional materials that mirror the activity of the APAM Scientific Library within the framework of international projects:

• Banner of the project "Library Support Services: Upgrading Libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus by Developing Library Staff and Reforming Libraries";

• Posters:

• "National Awareness Day 2017" (LNSS Project)

• "Donate a book to save a destiny": National Campaign for Special Needs Guidance (20 March - 20 April 2017) (LNSS Project);

• "Library support services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus by developing library staff and reforming libraries"

• The project "Modernizing the services of university libraries",

• Video-film: "My library - my progress": National Library Awareness Day 2017;

• The LNSS project flyer and timetable

The communication and information on the exposed materials was presented by Rodica SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN, Director of APAM

Silvia DULSCHI, PhD, Head of Science and Doctorate Direction, Sergiu CARCEA, Librarian (Design), Rodica SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN, SL APAM Director

In order to participate in the "Bibliological Year 2017" Symposium, the APAM Scientific Library received a Diploma for participation in the poster and AV session, Sergiu CARCEA - Diploma for the poster designer "Donate a book to save a destiny"; R. SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN - Certificate for participation with the communication "National Awareness Day - a New Form of Promoting the Role of the Library in Society".

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