Academy representatives - Participants in the celebration of Europe Day

Saturday, May 12, in the "Stefan cel Mare" Public Garden in Chisinau was celebrated Europe’s Day, marking peace and unity in Europe. The European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova organized a new edition of the European City of 2018. During the celebration, one of the European Union's core values, namely multiculturalism and the preservation of the cultural values of the European countries was promoted.

European Ambassador to Moldova Peter MICHALKO, Ambassadors of EU Member States and Partner Countries, President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Andrian CANDU and Prime Minister Pavel FILIP attended the official opening of the European Village.

EU Ambassador to Chisinau Peter MICHALKO said that "the relationship between the EU and the Republic of Moldova has reached a high degree of depth and interconnection. We have an association agreement, including liberalized trade that underlies our extensive support for reforming the economy and the state, for strengthening democracy and fundamental freedoms. "

Speaker Andrian CANDU mentioned that the European model is the best model of development: "Towards such a model we want the Republic of Moldova to strive and tend. It is not easy, but every day, one step, one step closer Moldova is closer to the European rules and values. Every day, with work, diligence and patience, we join the EU, even if at this time we are only an EU-associated state. "

Within the European Village, tents with EU-funded projects were set up where visitors learned about EU assistance to the Republic of Moldova, tents of embassies of EU member states accredited in Chisinau and partner countries that organized stands with traditional promotional and gastronomic materials, cultural and artistic activities in their countries. Representatives of local and central public authorities in the Republic of Moldova were also present at the event with information about on-going EU-assisted projects.

At the event in the Tent of the Erasmus + National Office in the European City of 2018, the Scientific Library of the Academy was also present by disseminating information on the international project "Library support services: modernizing the libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus by developing the library staff and Reform Libraries ", a project under the Erasmus + Strengthening Higher Education Capacities Program and funded by the European Commission (2015-018). The information on the project was presented both verbally and through various promotional materials that were distributed to the interested and promotional material (banners, posters, booklets, flyers, leaflets, etc.).

The events that took place in the European City have once again demonstrated that the European Union promotes individual cultural values ​​that live together and respect one another, and EU Member States have one major objective - to contribute to improving the lives of citizens in Republic of Moldova.

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