Academy of Public Administration at the Researchers Night

On September 23, 2016 the Academy of Public Administration, as a member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, participated with an exhibition of achievements at the third edition of the European Researchers' Night, an important event of promoting science in society, organized by the Academy of Sciences and held in the square of the institution.

Visiting the exhibition, varnished by the representatives of our higher education institution, the rector of the Academy of Public Administration, Mr. Oleg Balan, doctor habilitat, university professor, mentioned his importance in promoting the image of our institution, as well as of science as a whole, especially among young people. In his opinion, this year's exhibition is consistent and demonstrates a high level of professional training of the didactic-scientific staff, as well as of the research conducted at the Academy.

Silvia Dulschi, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Science and PhD, stated that the Academy's exhibition contains an impressive number of scientific papers, books, magazines and other materials demonstrating the scientific and educational achievements of scholars and collaborators in the field of public administration in recent years. Thus, during the past year, 187 scientific and didactical publications appeared. Currently, the Academy implements 5 large-scale scientific projects in cooperation with educational institutions and other partners in the country and abroad.These include the LNSS project implemented at the APAM Scientific Library, which representatives have made a presentation of the promotional materials of the project.

Numerous visitors, interested in the achievements and novelties of the field, learned about the content of the Academy's exhibition, had the opportunity to hold a living dialogue with the teachers and researchers present at the event.

The Night of European Researchers is one of the most celebrated European Union initiatives in which science is celebrated. The event takes place simultaneously in over 300 European cities and neighboring countries in September each year. The first event of the European Researchers' Night was organized in 2005 and has attracted over 1.5 million visitors so far. The Republic of Moldova marked for the first time the European Researchers' Night in 2013.

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