Brief history

Created simultaneously with the foundation of the Academy in 1993, the Scientific Library grew and developed continuously. It has the mission to participate in the training and education process, as well as in the research work carried out within the Academy by compiling a collection of documents in accordance with the academic curriculum and, respectively, facilitating access to these collections of information. Thus, in the course of its evolution, through a dynamic development in accordance with the changes in the social life and the requirements towards the info-documentation institutions, the library has always promoted its strategic role in the training and research process within the Academy. It provides the necessary information-documentation support in promoting the ideas of reforming the public administration, in analyzing and implementing the advanced experiences accumulated in the country and abroad.

During the 25 years of ascension, the Scientific Library has successfully used and implemented everything that was new, modern, useful and necessary for its users. It has implemented the new information technologies, has continuously applied the collections management, so this institution has come to possess the best collection of books in the field of theory and practice of public administration, as well as collections in fields adjacent to the science of administration.

Being directly involved in all the processes of development of the Academy and being an integral part of the national information-library system, the Scientific Library of the Academy has had several development stages, which can be specified as follows:

- The stage of setting up and starting work (1993-1995),for which it is characteristic starting the activities for the establishment, organization and operation of the library, initiation of the first collaborative relations with other public and specialized libraries, non-governmental organizations, public authorities, individuals who contributed to the formation of the first collection of publications.

- The organizational and functional stability of the Library (1996-1998)is characterized by the increase of the quality of traditional library services, the consolidation of the book collection, the elaboration of the internal regulatory framework for the Library's activity. In 1997, with the initiation of university study program in the field of public administration, the Library is concerned with the reorganization of its spaces to create necessary conditions for the respective category of users. It also develops the collections according to the Academy's curriculum with donations offered by the French Alliance, US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.

- The stage of making the information-library activity more efficient (1999-2003),during which  the library services, the forms and the methods of communication of the information and informational resources, the initiation of cultural activities for the promotion of book collections and of the didactic- scientific publication of the professors of the Academy are diversified,. First steps are being taken to digitize the library by developing and implementing the first program for creating the electronic catalog. The Library is  involved in national and international projects for obtaining grants for the development of book collections supported by the SOROS Moldova Foundation, UNDP, the French Alliance.

- The stage of structural and functional reorganizations (2004-2009). The reorganization of the library into the Documentation Section and the inauguration of the Electronic Library took place. With the support of the Ministry of Justice, access to the Lex DB database is provided. The first version of the Library's website is launched on the Academy's website. The library adheres to the largest library consortium in the world, user of eLFL-Direct publications (EBSCO Publishing), which provided access to over 18 000 titles, textbooks, monographs in French, German, Spanish, and Russian. The expansion of the automated internal network occurred, which facilitated access to information through advanced information techniques and technologies.

- The expansion of spaces and the diversification of the services of the Library (2010-2014).The process of diversification of traditional and electronic services to facilitate and expand access to information takes place. Implementation of the new integrated library software OpenBiblio in which the Library's electronic catalog is created. An important action at this stage is the transfer of the Library of the Academy to the new premises of Block C (January 2011), which is refurbished, modern, adapted to the needs of efficient operation and providing comfortable conditions for the users, possessing the equipment necessary for the provision of electronic services.

 - The stage of  modernization through library staff development and implementation of technological innovations (2015-present). The  implementation of international projects for the development of library staff, library innovation and modernization in accordance with the requirements of the 21st century library tale place. The open access to multiple information resources, diversification of services and online library information and documentation products is extended. The new version of the Scientific Library’s web page is launched. Last generation information technology is purchased, a hall for the modern electronic library is set up, the LNSS international consortium is joined.

Approval by the Senate of the Academy of two documents of strategic importance for further development and modernization of Library Science:

1. Scientific Library Development Strategy 2017-2020 (October 19, 2017), developed within the project "Modernization of university library services”;

2. Institutional Policy of the Academy of Public Administration on Open Access to Information (12 November 2017).

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