Quality Assurance training week at the University of Crete, 24-30/09/2017

Quality Assurance was the generic of the international training that took place at the University of Crete, Greece, from 24 to 30 September 2017, in the framework of the international project „Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries [LNSS]”, project under the Erasmus+ program „Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education (CBNE)”, funded by the European Commission. The training was attended by representatives of the institutions participating in the Eastern Partnership (Moldova, Armenia and Belarus) and the Balkan Partnership Countries (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina) with the participation of the European Union partners: Germany, Ireland, Romania and the country host of training - Greece. The Academy of Public Administration was represented by Rodica SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN, Director of the Scientific Library, and Igor NEAGA, librarian.

The purpose of the training was to train the librarians from the partner institutions to the project in the field of quality assurance.

The training works focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of quality management, EU quality standards and quality assurance for the management of EU-funded projects, EU standards and quality assurance for higher education in the European Union, risk management, EU quality standards and quality assurance for public sector institutions, English as medium of instruction in higher education institutions in the EU countries.

Quality Assurance within the LNSS project, aims to establish an internal operational framework, which allows for maximum flexibility, while maintaining at the same time, a clear distinction of the roles and responsibilities of all the partners involved in the project. To this end, the project has established appropriate mechanisms and procedures involving all partners. These procedures address a whole range of administrative, financial and technical issues, reporting standards, documentation, performance and results. The analysis of the quality of the work done within the project is carried out throughout the project, involving representation and commitment from all partners.

Quality control and monitoring is guaranteed through the Project Management Committee, representing the partners in the European Union. University of Crete leads and directs quality assurance partner institutions from Armenia (AAPA), Moldova (APA) and Belarus (USB).

Participation in the "Quality Assurance" training offered the opportunity to study the European standards regarding quality management, to know the experience of the European countries in applying the quality assurance mechanisms and procedures in the higher education institutions and public institutions, to familiarize with the Public Library's activity and to The Library of the University of Crete (host of the conference), modern libraries with advanced experience in assuring the quality of the services provided. All this knowledge will be subsequently implemented in the activity of the Scientific Library of the Academy of Public Administration.

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