Pilot Training “Essential management and transferrable skills for Librarians and library staff”

On 9th February at the Academy Scientific Library was held a pilot training for the Module 3 "Essential management and transferrable skills for Librarians and library staff" part of the project "Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries" [LNSS] (2015 - 2018) implemented under Erasmus+ Program “Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education”.

First vice-rector of the Academy Andrei GROZA, Ph.D., associate professor, said in the welcome speech addressed to the participants at the event that APA every year takes part in various international projects and the LNSS Project is a benefic one. Academy Library is able to meet the needs of students-graduates, but aims to become a scientific center for those working in the field of public administration. Andrei GROZA also expressed the hope that through this project we will succeed in taking over best practices in the field.


Project monitoring objectives were presented by European experts REPANOVICI Angela, professor, doctor, Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania, and Manolis KOUKOURAKIS, professor, doctor, director of the Library of the University of Crete, Greece. Romanian expert said that has the honor to collaborate with the Academy of Public Administration for several years and that the main task of the project is professionalization of librarians to provide quality services to users. Greek guest was keen to emphasize that now, in the digital age, thanks to the Internet, the libraries collection became inexhaustible. In these circumstances, the staff becomes the primary resource of the library. According to the European expert, namely the training of library staff is a priority in the project.

Head of Department of Science of the Academy, DULSCHI Silvia, Ph.D., associate professor a participant in the project, made a presentation of the overall project. Module 3 includes 11 themes, which are promoted nationally and internationally. The researcher said that the coordinator of the project rests with the Public Administration Academy of Armenia and concluding meeting of 2018 will take place at our Academy.

Angela ZELENSCHI, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department of Administrative Sciences of the Academy, spoke about some aspects of the development of organizational communication and active listening.

Rodica SOBIESKI-CAMERZAN, director of the Scientific Library of the Academy, highlighted the stages of implementation, exchange of experiences, international trainings in the project and technical assistance provided to our institution. In addition she made reference to the specific priorities of communication and listening in the university library through research carried out at the APAs Scientific Library.

The event was attended by professors and employees of the Academy, master students.

The project aims to strengthen and modernize libraries and raising qualification levels and skills of library staff of educational institutions by developing innovative libraries as a support for education and lifelong learning.

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