In the period February 29 to March 5, 2017, Silvia Dulschi, head of science and doctorate of the Academy of Public Administration, and Rodica Sobieski-Camerzan, Chief Scientific Library, have participated in a workshop organized by the Committee of LNSS Project Management, held at the International Technical University of Dresden, Germany.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Eastern Partnership countries and the Balkan Partnership.

At the meeting was presented a general report on the results of the Project.

Analysis of pilot trainings conducted in each partner country was presented by European experts, who visited and monitored the activities.

The Republic of Moldova, including Scientific Library of the Academy of Public Administration, was visited at 9 to 10 February 2017 by European observers Angela Repanovici, PhD engineer at Transilvania University of Brasov, and Manolis Koukourakis, Ph.D., director of the University Library Crete, Greece.

A special chapter in Dresden meeting was devoted to project for the conduct of „National Day of awareness on libraries" project developed by each partner, depending on the country specific and present at the meeting for review and evaluation. Those projects will be implemented during 2017.   

The participants also visited the Library of International Technical University of Dresden, where study more than 30 thousand students from all over the world.

Working visit to Germany had a positive impact on participants' professional skills through opportunities to participate in multicultural training and evaluation activities, establishing contacts with specialists from other European countries, exchange of experience and, not least, by knowing the advanced experience of academic libraries in Europe.

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