APAM representatives on a study visit to colleagues in Belarus

Recently, a delegation from the Academy of Public Administration of Moldova attended an English language course for librarians, which took place on July 23-25, 2018 at the State University of Belarus, Minsk, activity organized within the framework of the LNSS project, under the Erasmus+ "Strengthening Capacities in Higher Education" program, financed by the European Commission. The courses were attended by the representatives of the institutions participating in the project in the Republic of Moldova (APAM and USARB) and partner institutions from Belarus (Belarusian State University, Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Brest State Technical University, State University "Yanka Kupala" from Grodno, with the participation of European Union partners – the Pyramid Group from Germany.

At this international training, the Academy of Public Administration was represented by project team members Rodica Sobieski-Camerzan, head of the Scientific Library, Igor Neaga, and Mariana Griţco.


The main objective of the course was to train librarians from the partner institutions of the project to acquire and use English language in the work of modernizing and reforming the services of the university libraries. Trainers of the course - Gerry CULLEN and Valeria RACHEEVA, representatives of the Pyramid Group within the project, professors at Dresden Technical University, Germany.

In the framework of the meeting, every educational institution within the project carried out the general presentation of the strategy and the individual plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project, the results of the achievement of quantitative and qualitative impact indicators in the long and short term, the strategy of sustainability and sustainable development of the project at institutional, national and international level.

A separate section of the course program was reserved for the presentation of links to the LNSS project page within each educational institution's website. The international expert Mr Gerry CULLEN conducted the site analysis of each partner institution in the project, focusing on the quality and accessibility of information regarding project implementation, the use of specific English terminology in describing project activities.

The work of the meeting culminated in a round table meeting of the project partners in which the LNSS project continuity plan was discussed by identifying new directions for the development and modernization of higher education libraries in the partner countries.

Additionally, the program of the International Conference on Finalizing the LNSS project, which will take place on October 3-5, 2018, at the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova, was discussed and analyzed.

The program of the Minsk meeting also included three study visits at the Belarusian National Library, the Fundamental Library of the State University of Belarus and the Scientific Library of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

The knowledge gained during the visit to the Republic of Belarus will be implemented in the activity of the Scientific Library of the Academy of Public Administration and will have a positive impact on the enhancement of the quality of the activity of the APAM Scientific Library, by modernizing the services provided by the library and increasing the impact of implementation of LNSS project at both institutional and national and levels.

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