Between August 21 to September 3, 2016, representatives of the Academy of Public Administration - Rodica-Camerzan Sobieski, Chief Scientific Library of the APA, project coordinator, and Silvia Dulschi, Head of Department of Science and PhD - attended the International Training: „Library Network Support Services” held in the city of Limerick, Ireland, within the project: „Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries”, project is conducted within the Erasmus+ Program.

The main purpose of the training was to improve the competence and skills of staff librarian in the higher education system in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus to reform and modernize libraries, developing innovative libraries as a support for education and teaching throughout life.

Activities of training were structured into 8 modules focused on English for specific purposes (library terminology), marketing skills for librarians, essential management and transferable skills for library staff, information literacy and research skills, innovative online library services for 21st century librarians, the Electronic Library, access to libraries for learners with special needs/disabilities, library collections development policy.

The results of the training, said Ms. Rodica Sobieski-Camerzan, are to be applied in the libraries of the partner institutions that will involve target groups of librarians, teachers, students, national and public libraries, auxiliary and administrative staff, and also people with special needs.

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